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Ms. Nisreen Elsaim

She studied Physics in the University of Khartoum- Sudan,she currently preparing her M.Sc in Renewable Energy. She chairs the Sudan Youth Organization on Climate change (SYOCC) which is a youth- led organization and coordinating for an umbrella called YES (YOUTH and Environment- Sudan) focusing on awareness creation and capacity building of youth on climate change adaptation. Since 2012 Nisreen volunteered with the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS)- one of the largest environmental NGOs in Africa. She has also chaired the African conference of youth (ACOY) Committee. Since COP23 Nisreen joined the African Group of Negotiators with special focus on Gender and Capacity Building, and technology this year at COP24 & COP25. She contributed to the establishment of the Young Negotiators Programme under the umbrella of the Committeeof African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change CAHOSCC-she is one of the program members.

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Mr.Mohammed Salih Ibrahim Abdallah

General Secretary
Studied Agriculture, plant of desert and semi-desert areas- landscape- Omdurman Islamic University
Started his voluntary work since 2013
Member of the Takaful Charity Organization, also the Y-Peer Organization, a volunteer in the Sudan Youth Parliament for Water, Mutasem Nemer Center for Environmental Culture and several other bodies, a founding member of theSudanese Voluntary Authority for Organic Agriculture and also a founding member of the Sudan Youth Organization for Climate Change

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Mr.Ahmed Ibrahim abuelbashar

Financial Secretary
He studied Forestry Sciences and economics of forests in University of Khartoum.
He started his voluntary work since 2016
Phone: +249915988883

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Mr.Mosab Khalil Algidail Arbain

Deputy Chairperson
Studied Forestry Science and M.Sc. in Forest Managementin Khartoum University .He started his voluntary work since 4 years
E.mail :

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Marwa Elhaj

Activities and Programmers Manager
Msc in wildlife in dependent researcher in Environmental conservation and ornithology Researcher at Sudanese wildlife society from 2009 to 2012 volunteer at Sudanese conservation society form 2008to 2016 .
Lecturer at university of Bahri form 2012 until now volunteer in 2016 then activities and programmers manager at Sudan youth organization on climate change.
Phone number : +249924279562 - +249129243414

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Ms.Manara Assad Begira

Secretary of Public Relations and International Cooperation
She studied Animal Science in University of Khartoum.
She started her voluntary work since 3 years ago and now she is the Sudanese Youth Ambassador to UNICEF Sudan And ambassador of the next Einstein Forum (NEF)
Contacts:- +249 96 616 6502-+249966166502

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Mr.Mustafa Adam Abdallah Hassan

Affiliate and Membership Affairs
Volunteer at the Friends of the Environment, Sudan University of Science and Technology and the Sudan Youth Organization for Climate Change
Contact : +249927031365

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Mr.Abdallah Babiker Ali Mohamed

Training Secretary
Studied Forestry Science in Sudan University of Science and Technology And in GIS from Future University ,he started his voluntary work since 2014 and now he is a member in Mercy Ambassadors Organization ,Friends of the Environment in additionto Sudan Youth Climate Change Organization
Phone: +249919938309_+249929981450
E-mail :

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Mr.Mubarak Ibrahim Omar Kaki

Secretary of Media
Studied Agricultural Engineering in Sudan University of Science and Technology, in Agricultural Engineering from University of Khartoum .He started voluntary work since 2012 and now he is member in World Youth Parliament for Water Organization and Sudan Youth Organization on Climate Change.
Phone: +249917732884