Sudan Youth Organization on Climate Change (SYOCC)


SYOCC is non-profit, non-political,and non-governmental organization, established on September 2016, registered with the Humanitarian Aid commission(HAC).


Sudanese society resilient and capable on mitigation of climate change effects.


Youth and young people Trained and qualified to sensitize their communities, increase the resilience of communities to climate change by giving them the most important tools of awareness and build their abilities to think outside the box as well exchange peer experiences with a focus on humanity and civil society values.


  1. Justice, participation and freedom of expression .
  2. Credibility, transparency and accountability
  3. Quality assurance and excellence
  4. Initiative and leadership
  5. Keep up and innovation

The general objectives:

Reducing the effects of climate change by building mitigation measure to strength sustainable development, preservation human resources, and protecting the environment through developing capacities of society, especially youth and women.

Objectives to be achieved :

  1. To Raise climate change issues with mitigation mechanisms in order to address community problems and solution .
  2. To Dissemination of the green environment culture , public reforestation and community forest adaptation .
  3. To Combating of desertification and land deterioration .
  4. To Building Capacity of rural communities, especially youth and women by increase of their knowledge
  5. To Providing support of active environment by consolidation of partnership relations, and coordination between institutions, organizations and civil society.
  6. To Encourage values of volunteerism and community participation among youth.

Means of achieving objectives:

The organization shall take all the following means to adapt scientific studies , field surveys, and collecting of the necessary information and statistics to design the policies, and strategic plan of the organization .

  1. Prepare studies, research and field surveys to focus on public policies .
  2. Specialized and conduct of trainings workshop and capacity building for youth and local communities
  3. Use of multiple media to promote the concept of climate change issues and challenges at the local, regional and global level.
  4. Workshops, training, lectures, seminars and consultations.
  5. Provide coaching , mentoring to encourage young people in implementing their thoughtful ideas of adaptation to climate change.
  6. Participate in the establishment of small productive projects, service, cultural and economic centers that contribute to reducing climate change.
  7. Contribute to all particular environmental programs ( Conservation , prevention , and development ) at urban or rural areas .

Organizational hierarchy:

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