What We Do?

prepare studies, research and field surveys and focus on public policies and policy scientific papers

Our Tools

multiple media to promote the concept of climate change issues and challenges at the local, regional and global level

How We Do it?

We provide moral and material support to encourage young people in implementing their thoughtful ideas for adaptation to climate change

We participate

Participate in the establishment of small productive projects, service, cultural and economic centers that contribute to reducing climate change


Action for Climate Empowerment(ACE) in vulnerable areas (Mayo, Khartoum- Sudan) Climate Change and Climate Justice (CIG).

Our Sponsor

Sudan youth organization on climate change. Supported by: ltalian Agency for development cooperation(AICS)

Latest Events

leakge of water in sudan

Action for Climate Empowerment (Drawing day)

In the 1st of April SYOCC has stared the Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) project with collaboration with Italian Agency for development cooperation (AICS) in Mayo, Khartoum- Sudan.

Art and the Climate Movement

a workshop on the role of art and arteries in the awareness of climate change.

Art plays an important role in the awareness of the danger of climate change so SYOCC have done a different workshops to turn the attention of the media in this Direction

Leading Youth To Take The Action

SYOCC stared Action for Climate Empowerment on 15st in which the SYOCC gave the awareness and the tools for young school girls to take a true action in their School in in Mayo, Khartoum- Sudan Sponsored by Italian Agency for development cooperation (AICS)

The Convoy of SYCOO To Al-Jumayyab, Omdurman, Sudan

The convoy of the Sudan Youth Organization for Climate Change to support the residents of areas affected by floods and floods in Omdurman, southeast of Salha, Al-Jumayyab area, Al-Shukaila village.

After surveying and determining the extent of the damage caused by the floods, there is an urgent need for (laws, tarpaulins and foodstuffs).